What is MBG?

It is an innovative professional meeting, organized on the basis of a panel of scientific-technical contents that promote the relationship, knowledge and networking among the main companies, institutions and organizations of the international maritime sector.

The 1st International Maritime Event demanded directly by the sector, and led by the Spanish maritime sector itself (it is the sector that proposes and decides), to bring together in a single business and institutional forum all the groups involved.

MBG was born as a natural and necessary evolution, after a solid sectorial union through a professional NETWORK of companies and collaborating organizations, willing to integrate all the actors of the national maritime sector in a transversal way and in synergy with the search for common objectives.

Its main objective is to bring together the largest number of opinion leaders in the international maritime sector, to provide meeting points where they can discuss and collaborate on the transition to the blue circular economy.

It is essential to promote new ways of collaboration in view of the imminent change in the business model, the birth of new value chains, and the future that awaits us beyond the digital transition. It is vital, for the benefit of all, that the maritime sector knows each other, coordinates and collaborates as a whole. And the first step to achieve this is to be able to coincide in a transversal way, through a format created by and for the sector.

What is the sectoral NETWORK?

Each person or entity joins this NETWORK, choosing the level of involvement that suits them best (each person or entity contributes what they want or what they can, however small it may be).

The structure of the NETWORK will always be open, without vetoes, to anyone who wishes to contribute and join this global project.

It is a maritime HUB of companies and sectoral organisations, which for the first time have come together to lead actions with
clear sectoral objectives:

  1. To be a benchmark in international maritime sector meetings, in order to highlight the great capabilities of the Spanish maritime sector as a whole.
  2. To enhance the brand image of the maritime sector as a whole: To show the outside world all that the value chain can contribute, in the face of the new challenges that are yet to come.
  3. To position the national maritime sector as a key international benchmark in the unstoppable transition towards the Blue Circular Economy.
  4. To achieve the necessary union within the national maritime sector, in order to establish permanent and solid collaboration channels that will make us stronger and more competitive in the existing relentless world market.
  5. To analyse existing problems, many of which are common to the entire maritime sector, in order to promote joint solutions.
  6. To look for future projects and opportunities of common interest, wherever they arise: Organising an international maritime meeting of reference (MBG) every 2 years, attending international events with common objectives or organising events of general interest wherever the sector deems it appropriate.